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Commercial Kitchen Equipments for Your Business Needs

Commercial Kitchen Equipment plays a vital role in every restaurant and hotel setup. Our equipments are designed to endure the day-to-day problems of the modern kitchen. Whether you are driving a small food cafe, hotel, restaurant and food kiosk, the Kitchen Elixir's selection of commercial equipment features machines which save you time, money and energy.

The requirements of every commercial kitchen and menu are different that's why every kitchen varies a lot in terms of commercial kitchen equipments. We have a wide range of commercial kitchen equipment which is intended for everyday use in professional situations.

We are experts in commercial kitchen equipment fabrication, design, manufacture, supply and installation. As a dedicated commercial equipment manufacturer, we also understand the functional requirements and how commercial kitchens works as our team have an enormous experience in designing and set-up commercial kitchens for restaurants, hotels, cafes, bars, schools and canteens to name a few.

We offer commercial kitchen equipments like kitchen Racks, Restaurant wall shelving, Working tables, bakery ovens, tilting braising pans, dough kneader, Rice boiler, chapati machine, pulverizer, potato peelers, planetary mixture and spiral mixture etc. at affordable prices.

Why Choose Us

Quality Assurance:

We always commit for our equipment’s quality that’s why we are known for best commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Delhi. We play with quality as we don’t want after sales service which sometimes cost a lot. If you are looking for quality equipment then you are at right place.

High-End Quality:

Our products are high-end quality products we use only standard raw materials. We are in this service industry for the last 3 years and we never got a single complaint regarding our equipment quality.

On-time delivery:

We always take those projects which we can complete within the time deadline. As we value our brand equity more than anything else.

Relations are foremost Important:

Over the years we have build relations with our clients because of our quality products and communication. 

We also offer complete kitchen setup along with all type of commercial equipment like Cooking ranges, working tables, commercial rice boiler, braising pan, Bain Marie, commercial ovens and chapati making machines. We offer commercial kitchen equipment as per your existing space.